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Sequence and treatment of patients to prevent infections resulting from the clinical environment , patient , patient's relatives and clinical staff must be followed in order to create a healthy environment for the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene conditions are strictly applied in our clinic . Was clear and enables the implementation of these rules .

Outpatient clinic Cleanliness , Hygiene, the main principles of sterilization and disinfection operations are as follows :

  • Outpatient clinic providing daily cleaning and general cleaning to remain constant ; overtime and after hours before the start of a detailed cleaning is fine . In the working hours of the necessary cleaning procedures are being disturbed patients .
  • All patients coming to our clinic , patients' relatives and suppliers shoe is worn.
  • After all outpatients completed treatment , this patient is seated seats cleaned and disinfected , instruments are replaced, changed gloves used by doctors and nurses working
  • touched with gloves during the disinfection of all surfaces to be disinfected with a special place , and made ​​ready for the next patient .
  • Saliva ejector , plastic cups, seat cover, table linen collection and infected waste laid waste, discarded appliances . All of them later changed to new patients after disinfection work and cleanest prepared.
  • Vehicles of all treatment - equipment and instruments are cleaned , sterilized instruments metal treatment - treatment and examination to be put in the autoclave for disinfection chamber is moved to the cleaning chamber .
  • In order to protect of germs and infections in patients with the treatment process used disposable patient gown .
  • From patients with prosthetic measures, are disinfected before being sent to the lab and the lab is disinfected before being applied to the prosthesis to the patient .End of the day it is all the general cleanliness of the clinic .
  • Medical waste collected from patients after treatment , disposable materials, waste is considered infected . These wastes are collected specifically for the environment and human health, which could damage , torn bags are packed specially prepared for offset medical waste is put in the store .
  • Medical waste, to be disposed of by ISTAC established by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the special methods in our clinic is store medical waste is disposed of .


Any type of physical or chemical means of micro-organisms and spores can be eliminated in full . Pressurized steam , dry heat , ethylene oxide gas, and chemicals used for this purpose .


All except bacterial endospores on an inanimate object elimination of pathogenic microorganisms . The effectiveness of disinfection depends on many factors . Cleaned prior to disinfection of the object , the organic material is dishwasher , the amount of microbial contamination of the object format to the lumen of the physical properties such as resistance to disinfectants , disinfection factors such as temperature and pH of the medium affects the success of

Application form of sterilization and disinfection

  • All metal instruments used in surgery before treatment and washed with a special detergent . Non-metals are removed and re- used in the medical took the box .
  • Used in our clinic, sterilization system , one side or the other side of the indicator is a tool to show the featured transparent nylon bag as seen in the photo below bags. Day -use tool vacuum autoclave ( autoclave ) 134 degrees centigrade and 2.2 bar pressure steam sterilize system without seeing the previous stage, package indicator strips .
  • Of distilled water is converted to steam autoclave sterilized instruments by applying pressure on . autoclave , fulfilling all the conditions of sterilization and pure water are in the running .
  • After putting in a special machine tools cut indicator sachets daily use and the mouth of the bag is closed.
  • Daily use of 134 degrees Celsius maximum 2.2 bar steam pressure instruments , vacuum drying automatically the autoclave ' sections of a paper on the top side and not close to each other are placed side by side . Certainly without sterilized equipment is used. Autoclave for about 15 minutes and the temperature reaches the level of the program and automatically selected vapor pressure drying will proceed . Autoclave trays are placed in a dehumidifier those who use day .
  • 134 degrees centigrade and 2.2 bar pressure steam system is sterilized for 30 minutes at the end of this program , and programmed .
  • Sterilization is performed for 30 minutes in total , but the cooling process, a half-hour and tools are expected to be used if removed from the autoclave .
  • Instruments even if they are bagged and bare hand contact non excluding need to not be exposed unless it is paid .
  • Paper and plastic bags when touching the tools packages divided into two sections placed on a sterile cloth or paper towel . Hand assembly through sterile gloves ( is otoclave not put the machine to electrical equipment , and at the beginning of the end of every transaction with surface disinfectants to clean ) starts.

The benefits of application packaging and autoclave indicator

The instrument used in dentistry many channels or cavities in mind that the key issue here is the necessity evacuation of the air trapped inside . Or reach the sterilizing agent at the place of the air leaving . Sterilizing agents in the treatment of financial instruments dehumidifier dehumidifier takes longer than non- instruments . Pods on sterilization , sterilization agent on the instrument effectively into the confined space or push strongly absorbs or back . In other words, the use of a dehumidifier successful sterilization procedure and the requirement of the appropriate instrument kits . Instruments to sterilization as a dehumidifier dehumidifier to maintain the status stored in sterile unless a significant advantage.

  • Practical Information

    If you have disorders of the teeth in the early period of development with reference to specific units required treatment should be experts in the field of dentistry .

  • Practical Information

    Oral and dental health, dental caries and gum disease, inflammation of the two most important .

  • Practical Information

    Brushing with a toothpaste containing fluoride .

  • Practical Information

    A balanced diet should be a limit on food and junk food should be considered .

  • Practical Information

    Quality of a toothbrush can be used , typically 3-4 months .


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